Images can be supplied via the following data transfer systems – CD, USB Drive or Email to

The machines used for production are Apple Macs so to insure compatibility it is important that all images must conform to the following restrictions.

The format of the photo image should be saved as a TIFF, EPS, JPEG or PDF. The resolution of the photo image should be no less than 300dpi and the image should be slightly larger than what is required on the final printed product.

Line Art images should be saved at 600dpi minimum resolution and supplied as a TIFF file.

All colour images should be saved in CMYK Mode (the four process colours).

*Please note when converting RGB to CMYK, colours are affected as CMYK colour modes are less vibrant. Monitors should not be relied on as a colour guide. In case of an image containing layers, send this document with all relevant fonts and images along with a flattened version.

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