MAC Format

Artwork for Apple Mac should be supplied in the following programs – InDesign or Illustrator. *Please note all images, fonts plus a sample hardcopy of all artwork must be supplied. Fonts can be coverted to outlined paths. Colours saved should appear as process colours and not spot colour unless specified otherwise. *Please note; pantone colours[…]

PC Format

Notes for PC users and Digital Camera Users. Where a PC has been used to design documents, text should be supplied as a text document (.txt) or as a Microsoft Word document (.doc). In the case where other programs have been used to design documents e.g. Microsoft Publisher or others, send us the original source[…]


Images can be supplied via the following data transfer systems – CD, USB Drive or Email to The machines used for production are Apple Macs so to insure compatibility it is important that all images must conform to the following restrictions. The format of the photo image should be saved as a TIFF, EPS,[…]

Comprehensive Requirements

Whatever you want to print, whether it’s a book, a brochure, packaging, a mailer, an ad, posters, flyers, business cards, signage, a free standing display unit, billboards, or even clothing … to rotogravure, offset lithographic, inkjet, laser or digital printing … from Macs or PCs … artwork will need to be supplied to any printer[…]